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This product is a durable elastic coating with high adhesion and unparalleled resistance to weather conditions, which is made of modified polymer. The dried layer of this product is uniform and easily adheres to stone, waterproofing and other surfaces and is applied with a spatula or brush.

Cemic Microcement


 anti huminity microcement

 chemical resistance microcement

 adhesiveness microcement

 jointless microcement

 easy mainatanance microcement

 Cemic Microcement properties

 Cemic Microcement


 How to use:

The surface should be dry, clean and free of grease or oil.

Silicon is applied with a brush, roller or in one layer.

Before use, mix both products to homogenize.

Use at a temperature between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

Before applying the new layer, let the previous layer dry completely and become semi-transparent in appearance.

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