Fiberglass, CEIMC’s fiberglass mesh, is applied to increase the strength of the micro-cement floor in all CEMIC’s products (if required) before applying the toxic base layer. This product with proper stress distribution prevents cracking on semicircular micro-cement and causes maximum performance of semicircular micro-cement.

The material is AR, which is resistant to alkaline environments and has a long life. Other features of fiberglass include high flexibility, which can be applied to all materials.

Fiberglass mesh for micro-cement is used before the implementation of Gr- General, Gr-Proof and Gr-Dor according to the substructure, if necessary.

 Cemic Microcement


 Cemic Microcement properties

 Cemic Microcement properties

 Cemic Microcement properties



 Cemic Microcement



Spread the fiberglass mesh on the surface you are going to work with.

After the surface is completely covered, use a special glue to stick the mesh to the surface.

Do not move on the surface at all during the installation process for better adhesion.

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