CEMIC’s Gr-Dor microcement is suitable for outdoor spaces and building facades. These semiconductor products are designed for use on exterior surfaces and in environments that are in direct contact with sunlight. In fact, in addition to resistance to sunlight and UV rays, this product also has a high resistance to humidity, rainfall and climate change.





Cemi-Fine Gr-DOR

One of the important features of semicircular grade micro-cement is high adhesion to all surfaces and applicability to all materials such as stone, cement, brick, metals and ceramics. It should be noted that this product can be applied on all flat building materials and curved surfaces.



Cemi-base is a product designed for micro-cement infrastructure. This micro-cement product brings seamless surface, cracks and cracks. The characteristics of the cemi-base index of the base include high mechanical strength and lack of dust absorption. Cemi-base execution of the base by an experienced performer is easy and done quickly. Cemi-Base Toxic due to its unique adhesion on all surfaces, including tiles, cement and other materials, can be easily applied to all flat and curved surfaces. Cemi-base is depending on the surface in one to two layers that can be used in special cases of the third layer.





Acro-cem is a type of resin that provides high mechanical properties for semicircular micro-cement. This water-based polymer is used as a primer, which helps to better implement the CEMIC micro-cement coating.

Acrosome, by forming a film with high adhesion and surface tension, causes the connection between the existing surface and the semicircular micro-cement that the formed film has a high resistance in alkaline environments.



Fiberglass, CEMIC fiberglass mesh, to increase the strength of the microfiber floor in all CEMIC products, if necessary, is applied before the application of the toxic base layer.

The material is AR, which is resistant to alkaline environments and has a long life. Other features of fiberglass include high flexibility, which can be applied to all materials.





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